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Next group 10-16th June, 2024

Do you feel burnt out in your current job? Stuck in a relationship, looking for a career change or just want to try something exciting new on a wonderful trip?

Golf is misunderstood by many people, even though it is a science of self-awareness and total concentration.

Many of us, including myself, have come to the realisation that by practising golf we can learn a lot about our own functioning in a playful and exciting way, while being in a wonderful environment.

Hello, I am Julian Laszki, 

Solution Coach

Did you know that many people decide on the golf course whether they want to work with someone in business? In golf, we become ourselves, the mask comes off, we face our true selves deeply and we can get to know others, learning from these experiences.

Golf has transformed my life. I realized that the more forcefully I wanted to achieve something, the more stubbornly I clung to my vision, the less it would work. At the same time, the more I can relax physically and mentally at the moment of impact, the better results I can achieve ... and not just on the golf course.

My unique method is to step out of our habitual patterns of thinking, do a completely new, physical activity to better understand how we function, and then use these new insights in all areas of our lives. Recharged, mentally refreshed, and full of new ideas, we can return to our normal life or start something completely different.

Is this for me?

You don't have to be a professional golfer to try my method. It's okay if you've never played golf in your life. It's enough to be open to something new that can help you...

  • In self-awareness, and development.
  • In awareness of the challenges of life.
  • Achieving goals within rules and ever-changing circumstances.
  • Breaking out of habitual patterns of thinking and finding new ways of coping.
  • To accept the unchangeable, while striving to achieve results.
  • Quickly map a situation and make well-informed decisions.
  • To set strategy and make tactical decisions.
  • In shaping relationships with others.
  • Escape the everyday and recharge through the environment and golf.
  • To discover wonderful landscapes and people, thereby broadening your horizons.

What participants said...

"We do not dare to ask for mental help although it can help us heal our deepest wounds.

We ought not to play from past experiences on the golf course or in life but to enjoy every moment and find beauty in them."

Steve H.

Actor, Radio Host

"Golf has taught me that what matters is the present moment.

I either worried about the uncertain future or the closed past. In golf and life, the only important thing is what is right now in front of me. I must concentrate on the next 'shot' I want to execute."

Leslie B.

Real estate company owner

"Being out in nature and playing a game that helps you both relax and concentrate.

There is no free lunch in life. To achieve your goals you need to invest time and energy. With external help, it takes less time and effort."

Zalan H.

Deputy Director

During our week-long program, you'll get to know golf in fantastic places and gain a better understanding of yourself and how you operate. We organize small group sessions in the Canary Islands, Tenerife.

We provide full support for your travel and participation

We recommend you check your favorite website for the best flight to get you to your destination on time. By following the arrangement, we will be able to meet you at the airport and drive you to your chosen accommodation. If you prefer to rent a car, you can do that here:

We offer accommodation in our apartments or partner hotels to suit your needs. If you want to bring your partner or family, please let us know in advance so we can offer you suitable accommodation.


Our Golf and Coaching program will help you to tackle life's challenges more effectively. With the help of our professional golf instructors and golf practice, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and how you operate, and our business and life coach will help you find your own best answers to your current challenges.

During our one-week long program, on Monday to Friday, the morning is about golf, and the afternoon is about coaching. During this time, you will learn the basics of golf, while gaining a wealth of insights about yourself, the patterns that have shaped your life, and your achievements. These insights will be brought to your attention in the afternoon in individual or group coaching sessions and will help you to find answers to the important challenges that you are most concerned about, the things you want to improve, change and respond to.

We also organize a variety of activities for the week-end, taking advantage of the wonderful tourist and cultural opportunities on the Island, to make your trip a lifetime experience.


The program fee includes accommodation, transport, golf and coaching sessions, equipment, and golf course fees. You will need to take care of your own catering, as needs may vary greatly. If you choose a hotel accommodation, meals will be provided there, if you prefer to stay in an apartment on your own, with your partner or family, we can help you find the most suitable catering to meet your needs.

You will also need to organize your own travel to Tenerife since there can be many personal preferences that you know best. From the moment your plane lands, we'll arrange your transport to your accommodation and the venue of the activities that we organize.

We can offer group discounts for corporate (management) teams. For specific rates, please contact us using the options below.

Would  you like to know more about my method first?

Book an online appointment with me and I will show you how this method can help you!

Next group 

10-16th June, 2024


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